Rehoming a Adult Bearded Dragon COST!

My Hypo Zero, GardevoirThe cost of housing an adult bearded dragon can vary depending on several factors, including the type of enclosure, lighting and heating equipment, accessories, and ongoing maintenance expenses. Here's a breakdown of the potential costs involved:

  1. Enclosure: The cost of an appropriate enclosure can range from $200 to $500 or more, depending on the size and type. Glass terrariums or custom-built enclosures tend to be more expensive compared to PVC enclosures or DIY options.

  2. Substrate: Substrate options like ceramic tiles, or paper towels are relatively affordable and cost around $5 to $30, depending on the size of the enclosure.

  3. Lighting and Heating: The cost of lighting and heating equipment can vary. UVB fluorescent bulbs designed for reptiles typically range from $20 to $40, while basking bulbs or ceramic heat emitters can cost around $10 to $30 each. Additionally, you may need a fixture or dome for the bulbs, which can cost around $10 to $20. Keep in mind, bulbs need to be replaced within a year or under depending on the supplier.

  4. Decors and things to do for my dragons Decor and Accessories: Providing hides, branches, rocks, and other decor items can add to the cost. These items can range from a few dollars to $50 or more, depending on the type and quantity.

  5. Food and Supplements: The ongoing cost of food and supplements will vary depending on the quality and availability in your area. Insects, vegetables, and supplements may cost approximately $20 to $50 per month. We have our own affordable bee pollen powder with nutrients and vitamins a bearded dragon needs.

  6. Veterinary Care: Routine check-ups and potential veterinary expenses should be factored in. The cost of veterinary care can vary widely depending on your location, but it's important to have a budget set aside for potential health-related expenses.

  7. Miscellaneous Expenses: Other costs may include thermometers, hygrometers, timers, cleaning supplies, and additional accessories, which can add up to around $20 to $50 or more.

It's important to note that these are estimated costs, and the actual expenses can vary based on personal preferences, geographic location, and quality of products chosen. Check out our Bee Pollen Powder, which may attract some bearded dragons due to its unique aroma and taste. 

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