Enclosure Set Up for Adult Bearded Dragons

An adult bearded dragon enclosure should provide a comfortable and enriching environment that meets their physical and behavioral needs. Here are some key considerations for setting up an adult bearded dragon enclosure:

  1. Each of my enclosure is 120 gallon in this photoSize: The enclosure should be spacious enough for your adult bearded dragon to move around comfortably. A minimum size of 50 gallons is recommended for dragons under 16", but larger enclosures, such as 75 gallons or more, are even better. I personally use 120gallon enclosures for some of my bearded dragons.

  2. Substrate: Choose a substrate that is safe, easy to clean, and non-impaction causing. I like to use paper towels for some of my enclosures and others I would have a rubber floor mat that I clean once every 3 days. Avoid loose substrates like sand, as they can be ingested and lead to impaction.

  3. : Provide a temperature gradient within the enclosure to allow your bearded dragon to regulate its body temperature. The basking area should be around 95-105°F (35-40°C), while the cooler side should be around 75-85°F (24-29°C). Use a combination of heat lamps, ceramic heat emitters, and thermostats to maintain appropriate temperatures.

  4. UVB Lighting: Bearded dragons require UVB lighting to synthesize vitamin D3 and properly metabolize calcium. Use a UVB fluorescent bulb specifically designed for reptiles and position it within the enclosure according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  5. Hideouts and Basking Spots: Provide multiple hiding spots and basking areas at different temperature gradients. Use reptile-friendly hides, rocks, branches, and platforms to create a stimulating and naturalistic environment.

  6. Enrichment: Offer a variety of items for enrichment, such as branches, rocks, and climbing structures. You can also provide toys, tunnels, and puzzles to stimulate their mental and physical activity.

  7. Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean and disinfect the enclosure to maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of bacteria. Remove feces and uneaten food promptly.

It's important to regularly monitor your bearded dragon's behavior, appetite, and overall health to ensure the enclosure conditions are suitable. Check out our Bee Pollen Powder, which may attract some bearded dragons due to its unique aroma and taste. 


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