The ULTIMATE LIVE FOOD for THRIVING, Healthy Reptiles!

WHY DUBIA ROACH:  A Versatile and Nutritious Food Source for Pets

Dubia roaches have emerged as a favored food option for diverse pets, spanning reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates alike. Their nutritional richness, digestibility, and versatile sizing render them a prime selection for pet enthusiasts striving to furnish their beloved animals with a well-rounded dietary regimen.

Grab your Dubia roaches in any size imaginable from our website today! Take your pick from small, medium, large, or XL options. These Dubias are like a protein-packed buffet for a whole range of hungry reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates!

Their soft exoskeletons are easier for reptiles to consume compared to harder-bodied insects like crickets.

The high protein content of Dubia roaches supports the muscle development and energy needs of amphibians.

The soft bodies of Dubia roaches make them easier for invertebrates to consume compared to harder insects.

Dubia roaches stand out as an excellent feeder option due to their high protein content and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, they have minimal odor over time and are virtually silent compared to crickets and other feeders.



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